While most of the big developers would not even look at erotic content for games there is a small subset of places and developers who are just as kinky as us and in most cases far more talented and they deserve our support, I gain nothing more from the games promoted here than that happy feeling by doing something right, no freebies, no cash coming my way.

Some of these games will be graphical others pure text the guide theme being creation of something within the adult content genre that goes beyond the normal shite we get.

Before I talk about the games let me tell you about a system like kickstarter with a difference, it is called Patreon and the idea is genius, you can be a creator or a patron.

Creators are those of us building a site, working on a show, developing a game or other content.

As a patron I can decide to support anyone I wish too with an amount of $$ per month but here is the interesting part that money is conditional on them providing what they promise each month, I can stop anytime.

For example one of the games I support has to create a certain amount of content during the month for my money to get to them.

As a Patron I get access to alpha builds, early access and dialogue with the developer, the main part that puts this above kickstarter is you are not waiting for months or years to see any benefit.

As a developer that support really does help you keep going on a project.

Take a look here

Here are the games on Patron that I personally support and why.

Euphorian Tide

Euphorian Tide is a free to play adult interactive adventure, you can try it out for free without registration and or donation at this site has a very interesting character creation to say the least and the potential of the game for some one more interested in content than graphics is unlimited, she only needs $540 per month to pay the rent when that happens she can work full time on this project.

Verdict: Hell yes I am supporting this after playing it for 4  hours even with the minimal  alpha/beta state at the moment.

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